Our Brands

Our Brands

Pure. Sustainable. Selective.

SAP! Maple. We are a family; an eighth generation family of Vermont. Nikita's side of the family has been in the maple industry for a long time. Nikita now owns his own sugarbush in Underhill, Vermont with 12,000 tapped Maple trees. Chas and Charlie own a small sugarbush in Underhill as well and have been crafting maple sap drinks for years. 

We are united by our passion for the maple industry, our dedication to Vermont and the working landscape, and our excitement to build an company that embodies these values. SAP! has been enjoyed by our family for years. Now we want to share it with you! 

B-Tea Kombucha | Chef Pola | Eat Well, Live Healthy

Vegan Rob's

Vegan Rob's. Legendary entrepreneur Robert Ehrlich founded Rob’s Brand in 2015. Ehrlich had already created several of the most iconic snack brands of the past generation—including many of your favorite chips, puffs and other much-loved booty — and wanted to launch a new global snack food focused on nutrition and compassion.

His goals were simple; Love yourself, our planet, and all living things. And above all else, make a product that was delicious, healthy and a whole lot of fun.
Vegan Rob's Healthy Snacks - Canada - Chef Pola
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